The Corporation

sociedade-interior-rps-advogadosThe RPS is a law firm that tries to anticipate our client’s needs , respond to its requests and solve their problems with an accurate, professional, responsible, technical, close, capable and transparent approach.

Our role is particularly suited to support individuals, companies, business groups and the public sector in the areas of tax law and social security, as well as in the field of international tax law with a particular focus on the application of international conventions and international tax optimization.

Our expertise is focused on the tax advice on the issues of high technical complexity and in sectors as diverse as construction and real estate, industry, trade, services, sport and public sector.

Our services try to provide our clients the mechanisms that enable them to anticipate, manage and resolve the tax effects of their management.

The continuous and constant changes and increasing complexity in the areas of tax law and social security and the intensification of the Tax Administration and Social Security activity translate into a progressive importance of these matters in people’s lives and businesses, which require a highly specialized, interdisciplinary and markedly technical support, the RPS can provide.